Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Report on Leo Club of SMK Damansara Jaya's Installation

On Saturday,14th of July 2012, SMK Damansara Jaya held their 22nd installation with the theme Take Flight: Roaring to Greater Heights. Leo's from many different schools were invited for the event and many of them came. SMK Assunta was one of the schools that attended this installation. By 11.30a.m, everyone arrived and was treated to lunch at their school canteen. Then, everybody proceeded to the hall to start of the day.
The event started of with the arrival of the honoured guests accompanied by a lion dance group. Once everybody had taken their seats, the emcees of the event started of with the singing of the national anthem and the roll calls for each club. A few people gave speeches and then came the most important part of the event, the installation of the incoming Leo's.
After that, they introduced the guest to the Board of Directors for the upcoming fiscal year of 2012/ 2013 followed by everybody going up on stage to congratulate them on the acceptance of their posts. Then came the most anticipated events of all, the lucky draw and the performances. The Leo's shocked the audience by performing a gender-bending fashion show. That was a real crowd pleaser!
The lucky draw session was slotted in between each performance and there were many attractive prizes to be won such as Marroon 5 tickets and gift baskets. Some of the performances included beat boxing and singing by ex-students and current students of the school. The event was adjourned by the incoming President.
All in all, it was a good experience for us, incoming Leo's to witness how an installation would be like.

Reported by,
Leo Vinosha

Report on the International Understanding Day of the Interact Club of SMK Assunta

On the 7th of July from 10.30am to 12.30pm, the Interact Club of SMK Assunta held their International Understanding Day in the school gallery. With their theme of Gateway To Headway, their goal was to raise funds, RM20, 000 to build a school library in Bati, Cambodia. They even overshot their target and raised even more to furnish 1/3 of the library. They sold chances, merchandise and collected change for change to raise these funds. The Leos were more than happy to support their sister Interact Club for such a great cause.
The event commenced with the arrival of VIPs and the opening act which consisted of a traditional Cambodian performance done by the interactors. It then continued with the singing of the national anthem, roll calls and speeches. Many inspiring videos were shown and even a speech was given by the representative from World Vision. To end the event, there were cultural dances and even a musical performance by our very own assunta home grown talent.
After the IU, a carnival was held in the school field. We wish the Interact Club good luck on their future projects and may they bring more fruitful changes to the world we live in.

Report by,
Leo Kendra Hema

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Report on Lions Club of Petaling Jaya Installation

On the 7th of July (Saturday), the Incoming President of the Leo Club, Leo Kendra Hema Sashidharan and the Incoming Secretary of the Leo Club, Leo Wong Jeyinn attended the 52nd Lions Club of Petaling Jaya’s Installation. The installation took place at Pantai Seafood Restaurant, Petaling Jaya. Besides the two of them, Lion Ivan, Lion Malcom and Lion Fion as well as Puan Betty turned up at the installation. They arrived at the restaurant approximately at 7.00 p.m..
At 7.40 p.m., the installation was brought to its highest atmosphere by the emcee, Lion M. Kesavan. As dinner was served, a few Lions approached to the front to give their respective speeches. The Immediate Past President, Lion Ang Toon Aun said that he could have done better during his year as a president. He had always hoped to organize more meaningful and interesting projects. Next, the ex-Assuntarian, Lion Shirley stated that she had committed in the Leo Club and Lions Club since the age of 16 in her secondary school, SMK Assunta. She told her about her touching stories as a Leo and then a Lion for 30 over years. Then, Lion Ivan and Lion Malcom went front to share their experiences of becoming a Lion for these years.
The dinner was finger-licking good and as Lion Sam asked whether the dishes served was delicious, all of us responded with a round of applause. The first dish was tofu soup with crabmeat, followed by mushrooms with sauce, steam fish, pork rib, a vegetable and eventually the dessert, Chinese pancakes.
Besides satisfied with tasty food, they were entertained by performances by the talented Lions and Leos. The President, Lion Christopher Yee Meng Lup sang a melodious song which indeed brought them into the ambience of the beautiful song. The Leos sang a song named ’25 minutes’ with high spirits too. The installation ended at about 11.30 p.m.. 

Report by,                                                       
Leo Wong Jeyinn  

Report on Farewell BBQ Party

On Sunday, 8 July 2012, the incoming Board of Directors for the LEO club of SMK Assunta for the fiscal year 2012/2013, organised a farewell party for the Form 5 Leos. The event was held in Section 8, Petaling Jaya at the residence of Leo Hemalaxmi Nanthakumar, the incoming Vice President. The Leos started arriving at 4.15 p.m. A few Leos had arrived earlier to help set up the tables, chairs and prepare the things needed for the games that would be held. Each Leo was required to bring food and/or beverages as it was a potluck. The hungry Leos started eating at once! At around 5.45pm, the Leos were asked to form a circle so that we could start playing the games that were planned. The first game required the Leos to each guess a number between 1 and 100, and, if she guessed one of the four predetermined numbers, a balloon filled with flour would be popped over her head.
For the next game, everyone was divided into 4 groups. One group at a time, each person had to run across the garden to retrieve a packet drink and run back. On the way to retrieve the packet drink, however, the runners would have water balloons thrown at them. The moment the person got wet, they were eliminated from the game. This game wasn’t entirely successful, though, because, the water balloons had run out very quickly and the Leos had to resort to using containers of water as well as water hoses to get the runners wet. In half an hour, almost everyone had forgotten the point of the game and everyone had a lot of fun running around and splashing water at their friends. It was a good thing that most of the Leos had brought a change of clothes! As soon as everyone had changed into their dry clothes, we started the gift exchange. All the Leos were told to bring a gift that cost RM10 or less. The gifts were put in the centre of our circle and Leo Azarelle started calling out our numbers. Whenever a Leo’s number was called out, she had the choice to either choose a present from the pile in the centre, or to ‘steal’ someone else’s
present. If someone’s present was stolen, they’d have to pick another present from the pile. After that, we started cleaning up, all the Leos chipped helped and before long, the area was tidy again. For the remainder of the night, the Leos had fun just sitting around, laughing with friends, eating more food, and altogether, having a lot of fun. At around 8.30pm, the exhausted Leos started going home. Many Leos stayed back to help finish the cleaning up and by 10.30pm all the Leos had left. All in all, the farewell party was very successful and fun-filled and all the Form 5 Leos had a lot of fun.

 Prepared by,
Leo Isabelle Anusya Raj.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Farewell BBQ Party

Venue: Leo Hemalaxmi's place
Date  : 8th July 2012(Sunday)
Time  : 4-9pm
*don't forget to bring a present (worth at least RM5-10)
*the same goes for those contributing food/drinks


Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Date:6th July 2012
Venue: Bilik Kuliah
Time: 12:45pm-2:30pm

*Attendance is compulsory.
*Please wear your green shirt and vest.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Report on Sales for Sports Day

On 29 June 2012, SMK Assunta had their Sports Day. The LEO Club of SMK Assunta decided to sell drinks with the price of RM 1.50 only. Early in the morning, with the help of few Leo’s, we had to carry a lot of drinks from Bilik Seni 3 to the side of Sister Enda hall. Some of them got ready the tables and set-up the stall. We sold drinks like 7Up, Pepsi, Soya milk, Revive, Winter Melon and many more drinks. It helped to keep the students refreshed during the sunny sports day!
We sold many types of drinks such as revive, mountain dew, pepsi and many more. We put all the drinks into the ice box filled with ice cubes to make the drinks cold. Then, Magdalene and Shern-Nese held up a piece of manila card that had written on it: “HELP TADIKA FATIMAH”. Later on, Puan Betty the teacher advisor of our LEO Club, told a few of us to sell the drinks under the Clare house tent. Kaarthigaa, Wong Jeyinn and I helped teacher there. At first the sale was not really good but, as time passed many students bought from us. When the sale was going good, we were out of coins to give change to the students. We tried our level best to solve the problem and we did.
We manage to sell all the drinks by the end of the day. At about 11.30 pm we had to clean our spot. We actually reached our target. Even though all of us were tired, but we really enjoyed the day with everyone. The LEO’s of SMK Assunta wish to thank all the students for supporting us on that day.
Report by Leo Wong Jeyinn

Report on Service For Melody

On the 18th of June 2012, about 20 Leos helped the Assunta Symphonic Band to arrange the chairs at the Gallery for the concert. The Leos arranged about 300 over chairs according to their colours.
On the 23rd of June 2012, Saturday, twenty Leos came to school at 12.30pm to help out for the concert; both matinee and night show. Eight Leos were under ushering. Two helping at Gate B, and another two Gate C to show the guests the direction to the Gallery. The other four Leos were helping at the Gallery to usher the guests to their respective seats. The remaining two usherers had to check the guests’ tickets before allowing them to go into the concert.
Four Leos were under ticketing. Some were tearing the tickets to make sure that a ticket is only valid for one person to enter and the remaining Leos were in charge of the booking list of the guests. On the other hand, five Leos were selling food and beverages at Dataran Assunta. The funds raised were to be given to Tadika Fatimah. There were two Leos in charge of security and lighting. One Leo was selling the merchandise which was badges, for the Assunta Symphonic Band. They helped to collect donations too. After the matinee show, Leos went back home.
At 6.30pm, Leos went back to school to help for the night concert too. Before the Leos started doing their job, all of them helped to put the doughnuts and curry puffs into plastic bags and then put them into boxes to sell later. During the night show, Sister Enda and Sister Leticia came to watch the show. They bought some badges and donated money for the Assunta Symphonic Band too. The crowd for the night show was quite big. Our ex- principal, Pn Hong and Pn Rita came too. As for the food and beverages sales, we managed to earn quite an amount of money during the night show. Everyone was tired, but they all had fun! Leos left the school at about 11.50 pm.

Report by,

Leo Phooi Mun

Report on Arranging Chairs for Band Concert

On the 19th of June 2012, many Form 3 Leo’s helped to arrange chairs in the “Assunta Gallery” for the Band Concert of SMK Assunta which was set for the 23rd of June. Our hall arrangement work started at about 9.15 am in the morning.
First we found out from the person in charge about the arrangement of chairs in the gallery. We started off with the VVIP chairs that are red colour. Next, the light brown colour chairs were for the VIP’s. Lastly, the chairs arranged for the rest of the audience. It was more than 300 chairs.
Some other Leos took charge of sweeping the floors and ensuring the audience area was clean. The Leos worked tirelessly to perfect the arrangement of the hall and left the gallery at 9.50 am because with the help of many Leo’s, we managed to finish early.
The second day, we only needed 5 Leo’s to help us out. We went to the gallery to arrange only a few more chairs. The band committee informed us of which chairs to arrange where. Considering it was only a few chairs, the work which started at 9.15 ended at 9.30 am.
Report by,