Monday, October 5, 2015

A White Shirt To School

     From the 23rd of July to the 18th of September 2015, the Leo Club of SMK Assunta had a project named ‘A White Shirt to School’, a white shirt collection drive. This ‘Spotlight On Children’ project aimed to collect white shirts specifically for the children of Cambodia, as they needed them to go to school.
     At the end of the drive, the organising committee gathered at the Organising Chairperson’s house to count, fold and pack the white shirts into a large box. The total number of white shirts came out to be 260 shirts. A banner was also done on a piece of cloth for Lion Betty Toh to bring along as she will pass the shirts to the Tropeang Primary School in Cambodia.
     On the 1st of October 2015, we handed over the packed white shirts to Lion Betty. The Leo Club of Assunta would like to thank everyone who supported us throughout this project and contributed to our cause. We hope we can do more projects like this for the betterment of the community. ROAR!

Report by,
Leo Vilassiny.

Photos taken during the project,

Leos working together to create a makeshift banner.
The Organising Chairperson and committee passing over the packed shirts to Lion Betty Toh.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Revamping of the Leo Softboard

     On the 29th of September 2015, the Leo Club of Assunta had organised the Revamping of the Leo Soft Board Project. Approximately 5 Leos attended this project. The purpose of carrying out this project is to allow Leos to show their creativity and decorate the Leo soft board.                                                 

     The highlight of the Leo board this year is the Leo emblem. One of the Leos went to buy the decorations while the other Leos thought of what to add to the board. After the decorations were bought, the Leos got to work. They used maroon and gold in coloured paper as the background of the board as it is the colours of the Leo emblem. Maroon signifies the strength ,courage and tireless dedication to a cause. The gold signifies the sincerity in purpose and generosity in mind towards humanity.                                                                                      

     One of the Leos suggested drawing and decorating the Leo emblem with the photos of our members. The Organising Chairperson printed out the photos of the Leo Club members in previous events. The other Leos cut and pasted the photos on the Leo emblem. The Leo emblem is highly significant because it represents a Lion looking in every direction for an opportunity to give an unselfish service. The vertical maroon bar of the emblem was stuck with the pictures of the Board of Directors of the Leo Club. 

     Overall, the project was carried out successfully. Everyone was happy with the board as all of our hard work did pay off.

Report by,
Leo Marissa Maya.

Photos taken during the project,

Leos preparing the materials.
Leos placing the gold backdrop on the board.
The new, completed softboard.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

3rd Annual Basketball Tournament (LBBT)

      On the 23rd of September 2015, 3 Leos participated in the 3rd Annual Basketball Tournament (LBBT) organised by the Leo Club of SMK USJ 8. The event was held at USJ 14 Court 9. There were a total of twelve participating teams. The event started at 8:30 a.m. and ended at approximately 6:30 p.m. After the registrations, participants were told to sit in their own groups accordingly. Introductions were made and each group did their own warm-ups. The games then began and everyone had fun shooting hoops. At 1 p.m., lunch was provided. The teams resumed playing after that. The two finalists, Team Magenta and Team Purple, went all out for the title of champions.   

     After the finals, the prize-giving ceremony was held. Team White won 3rd place, Team Purple won 2nd place and the champions were Team Magenta. Medals and hampers were given out to the winning teams. Many experiences and memories were made throughout the whole event. It was, overall, a very fun yet tiring event. Congratulations to the Leo Club of SMK USJ8 for organising yet another successful annual event! ROAR!

Report by,
Leo Britney Loh.

Photos taken during the event,

The assembled Leos after registration.
Leos during a game.
The Leos after the event.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Visit To Siddhartan Care Centre

      On the 19th of September 2015, 12 Leos visited the Siddhartan Care Center as a “Spotlight On Children” project. We first did an introduction with the orphans by introducing names and ambitions. Many of them had expressed their interest in becoming policemen or doctors in the future. Next, we gave them pieces of coloured paper for them to write their wishes or doodle on. Many of them drew the Leo emblem on their cards and a few of them were keen on being Leos in the future.

     After making the cards we had a little game called “What Did I Get?” whereby a box of Pocky and sweets were wrapped in layers with newspaper and “Dancing On Newspaper” where after each round, the newspaper had to be folded in half. After the games, we ate mooncakes with them in conjunction with the Mooncake Festival next week and gave them snacks. Then, we handed over 58 books from the 290 books that we had collected through our Book Collection Drive to the caretaker.           

     We enjoyed interacting with the affable, well-mannered children and we were very happy to see their cheerfulness. At the end of the project, we said our goodbyes. The children thanked us for coming and hoped that we would visit them again. Overall, the project was a successful and meaningful one, and we had an amazing and enjoyable experience with the children. To Navineshvaren who will be participating in the finals of a football tournament next week, we wish you good luck and all the best! ROAR!

Report by,
Leo Allysha. 

Photos taken during the project,

The Leos with the children drawing cards.
One of the children carrying two other children while standing on a newspaper folded into 1/8.
The Leos handing over the 58 books to the caretaker.
The Leos with the children after the event.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Assunta Symphonic Band Installation 2015

      On the 18th of September 2015, 3 Leos attended the Assunta Symphonic Band Installation 2015 held at the Gallery in SMK Assunta. The event started with a speech from the band’s teacher advisor, Miss Tan, followed by the installation of the Junior and Senior Band.  After the installation, the President of the Assunta Symphonic Band 2015-2016, Ummu Khalidah, gave a speech and revealed the committee members of the Senior Band and Junior Band.                                                                                               
     The performances kick-started with a tuba duet, followed by a flute duet. The clarinet and saxophone players combined forces to perform an ensemble. The last performance was from the Junior Band, who showcased their skills through two songs. A speech from the outgoing Form Five President, Rachel Olivia was given and a multimedia was presented.                                                                                      
     We would like to thank the Assunta Symphonic Band for inviting us to this important event and we wish the new committee good luck for 2015-2016. ROAR!

Report by,
Leo Sheryn Chong.

Photos taken during the event,

The committee members of the Junior Band 2015-2016.
The Junior Band during their performance.
The Leos with the President of the Assunta Symphonic Band 2015-2016.

Book Collection Drive 2015

      On the 18th of September 2015, 5 Leos were involved in the screening of books donated from the 18th of August to the 18th of September 2015 through the Book Collection Drive that we had organised.  We separated the books according to their genres, calculated the amount of books collected and tied the books up with raffia string. We’ve managed to collect 290 books in total. These books will then be donated equally to five orphanages.                                                                                                        
      We would like to thank everyone who has contributed and donated books to make this drive successful. Thank you for your generosity! ROAR!

Report by,
Leo Sheryn Chong.

Photos taken during the project,

Two Leos seperating the books according to their genres.
Leos tying up stacks of books.
Leos tying up stacks of books together.