Friday, June 5, 2015

Teacher's Day Gifts

     On the 29th of May 2015, the Leo Club of SMK Assunta distributed gifts to all the teachers. The gifts were blue colour files. The purpose of giving these gifts is to show a token of appreciation to all Assunta teachers. The projects was a success as all teachers loved the files and some of them asked for another one. We hope to amaze them with a different gift next year.

Report by,
Leo Vilassiny.

Photos taken during the project:

The teachers who received the gifts.

A Leo giving out the gift to the teacher.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Big News! :)

The Board of Directors for the fiscal year of 2015 - 2016 will be stated as below:

Rebecca Chew Kah Yan

Wong Jo Yee

Bianca Britney Tan Xiang Ling

Lim Jia Er

Kausallya a/p Apalasamy

Agnes Lim Swee Sim

Vilassiny a/p Gunaselvan

Kanya Nagarajan

Fiona a/p Rayappan

Kong Pui Li

Jerelynn Tee Jieng Yi

Jaspreet Kaur a/p Balbir Singh

Sheryn Chong Jie Wei

Congratulations to all the newly elect board of directors and all the best for your fiscal year! ROAR!

Caring and Sharing Program

     On the 26th of April 2015, 3 probationers from the Leo Club of SMK Assunta had volunteered in the Caring and Sharing Program organised annually by the Buddhist Maha Vihara Temple in Brickfields. This program is aimed at inviting the unfortunate people in the community such as the spastic children, orphans, old folks and the disabled to the Maha Vihara Temple to witness a mini concert. The program was held from 7.00am to 2.00pm.

     The probationers arrived at the Buddhist Maha Vihara temple at 7 in the morning to help out with the preparations before the event. At 9.30am, they led a large group of the least fortunate people to the Asoka Hall to settle them down before the concert began. The Caring and Sharing Program 2015 was officiated at 10.00am with speeches by Batuk Michael Teoh and Datuk K. Sri Dhamaratna, The High Chief Monk of Malaysia. Then, there were a few amazing singing and dancing performances by the orphans from a few orphanages. During the program, the probationers helped to distribute food and drinks to the least fortunate.

     Overall, it was a bumbling and meaningful experience for the probationers as they had the opportunity to help the least fortunate by volunteering for the Caring and Sharing Program. They also received certificates of appreciation for their service at the end of the day.

Report by,
Probationer Wong Jo Yee.

Photos taken during the event:

Probationers from the Leo Club of Assunta who attended.

Leos receiving the certificates of appreciation.

2nd Regional Meeting 2015

     On the 19th of April, 4 Leos from Leo Club of Assunta went to the 2nd Regional meeting (RCC) and it was the final meeting for all the board of directors 2014 - 2015 for all the Leo clubs. The meeting was held in SMK La Salle PJ from approximately 9.00am to 1.00pm. The regional meeting commenced with national anthem and roll call from respective Leo clubs. Then, our District Chairperson Marcus Loh gave a speech and requested all the representatives from each Leo Club ot talk about the past projects and events that we have already organised in our fiscal year and also talked about what do we think about Leo.

     After that, our Leo District Vice President, Leo Wong Vice President Wong Tze Cheng talked about the election form for the election of Leo District Vice President 2. All in all, the regional meeting was indeed a memorable one because we managed to talk about our past projects that will bring back our fun and exciting moments. We also met many new Leos from different Leo Clubs. The meeting went smoothly and it ended with some refreshments.

Report by,
Leo Yoke Ling.

Photos taken during the event:

Region 5 District Chairperson Marcus Loh giving a speech to all the Leos.

Leo District Vice President Wong Tze Cheng giving a speech to all the Leos.

A group photo of all the Leos who participated.

Leo Amplified Camp 2015

     On the 17th of April 2015, the Leo Club of SMK Assunta organised an orientation camp as known as Amplified Camp for the members. Around 70 members who took part in this camp. It was held at our school, SMK Assunta, from 3.00pm to 8.00pm. The main purpose of this event was to develop teamwork and build a stronger bond among the members.

     Registration started at 3.00pm and we ran around the school for warm up session. Before any of the activities started, all the members were given an uncooked pasta to take care of throughout the day. This was a challenge to see how responsible the members are. The ice breaking games and team building activities were held in our school gallery. It was really fun as it felt like we were going through The Hunger Games. After that, we were divided into 8 groups, each group consisting of 8 members and each group had to come up with a team cheer.

     After all the groups had presented their cheers, the real fun began. Throughout the canteen and the Dataran Assunta, there were many stations and each held a task that had to be fulfilled. The games ended at 6.30pm and after that everybody had a water fight with everyone ending up drenched.

     At 7.00pm, we changed into our dry clothes and had dinner. The camp ended at 8.00pm. Although it was a tiring day, it was definitely worth while and memorable.

Report by,
Probationer Kanya Nagarajan.

Photos taken during the project,

Leos warming up before the camp started.

Leos doing their group cheer according to their respective teams.

Leos having fun during the station games.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Maroarthon 2015

     On the 29th of March 2015, about 25 Leo probates from Leo Club of SMK Assunta participated in Maroarthon 2015, jointly organised by Leo Club of Sri KL, Leo Club of Seksyen 4 Bandar Kinrara, Leo Club of Brickfields Asia, Leo Club of Bandar Utama 3 and Leo Club of Taylor's University. The main objective for this run was to raise finds for Voice of Children to ensure that the rights of every child are protected and no longer at risk of violation.

     This marathon was 5 km long. Many were tired but didn't give up and to add to that, one of our very own probationers, Agnes Lim got the 19th position for the girls under 18 category. Congrats to her. Overall, this event was a success because we helped each other on the way, pushed each other until there was only one choice, finish the race and succeeded to finish the race together.

     Hopefully there will be more events to come like this in the future. The Leo probationers were grateful to have gone for this event.

Report by,
Probationer Abirami.

Photos taken during the event:

Probationer Agnes Lim who won the 19th position.

A group photo of all the Leos and probationers who went for the event.

Leo Earth Hour Walkathon 2015

     On the 28th of March, the Leo Club of Assunta organized the annual Earth Hour Walkathon themed 'Night Vision: Finding Our Way Through the Dark'. The event was held from 6.30pm to 9.30pm.

     The event began with the usual speeches by the organizing chairperson and Lions. Following that were some energetic performances. The performances really entertained the crowd. At around 8.00pm, all the lights were switched off for the walk to begin. The Leos were provided with glow sticks to enhance the experience. During the walk, the Leos really loads of fun. It was truly a memorable time.

     The lights were switched on again at 9.00pm. The Leos were tired but ultimately still had energy to dance! The night ended well and left us all with beautiful memories. We were glad to have been part of the project which was a definite success. Save the world, love our earth!

Report by,
Leo Katherina.

Photos taken during the event:

Leos leading in the Zumba dance.

Leos walking during the walkathon.

Group photo after the event.