Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Region 5 Alpha Leo Quiz 2016

On the 12th of March 2016, 3 Leos had participated in the Region 5 Alpha Leo Quiz 2016. The quiz consisted of 3 rounds; the first consisting 30 objective questions, the second 36 structured questions. We had managed to qualify for the third round which was based on Leo and general knowledge. The event ended with the Leo Club of SMK Assunta emerging as the champions of the quiz. Overall, it was a successful event and a highly-enjoyable one as we had learned more about Leos and Lions in general through this platform. We hope to do our best at the District Leo Quiz that is to be held in Kampar. ROAR!

Report by,
Leo Jia Er.

Photos taken during the quiz,

The Leos after receiving their trophy.

Opening Ceremony of SMK Assunta's Frog VLE Rooms

     On the 10th of March 2016, 7 Leos had attended the Opening Ceremony of SMK Assunta’s Frog VLE Rooms officiated by the Deputy Minister of Education, YB P. Kamalanathan held at the Art Gallery of SMK Assunta. The Leo Club, as well as the Interact Club of the school, was invited to the event to honour our contribution to the Frog Rooms. We were a part of the many contributors who funded the Frog Rooms which aimed to enhance the learning experience for our fellow and future Assuntarians. 

     Overall, the event went smoothly. The event ended with the officiation of the Frog Rooms by the Deputy Minister of Education. We were glad to be able to aid our beloved school in transforming the learning experience for the future generation of Assuntarians. Being part of this transformation was truly an honour. We hope to serve our school in many more ways with dedication and that students will benefit greatly from the Frog Rooms. As the phrase goes, "Once an Assuntaian, Always an Assuntarian". ROAR!

Report by,
Leo Sheryn Chong.

Photos taken during the event,

The Leos (dark blue uniforms in the middle of the photo) during the event.
The Leos along with the other clubs and uniform bodies present at the event.

Project Paper Cranes

     On the 26th and 29th of February 2016, the Leo Club of SMK Assunta had organised “Project Paper Cranes” in conjunction with the upcoming first term exam. The main objective of this project was to fold paper cranes with quotes for studying to motivate the students. This project also aims to bond the Leos and probates together whilst teaching the participants the art of folding paper origami. The project was split into two days; the preparation day and the distribution day. 

     27 Leos and probates had participated in the preparation day of the project which was held on the 26th. First, they were split into two groups; one to fold the paper cranes and one to write motivational quotes on the wings of the cranes. Although many of the probates did not know how to fold a paper crane, they learned how to do so from the Leos who taught them patiently. Learning quickly, the probates and Leos worked together to produce 170 paper cranes in one hour. The paper cranes were then distributed to the afternoon session students during their recess. 

     On the 29th, 3 Leos had gone around a few classes to place the paper cranes on every student’s table in the respective classes. The paper cranes were also given to random students, who were absolutely delighted and thanked us warmly when we wished them good luck. 

     Overall, the project was highly-successful and meaningful. Paper cranes, in Japanese culture, are symbols of hope during challenging times. With this thought in mind, we hope that the paper cranes and the quotes would motivate our fellow Assuntarians, give them hope to do well and improve on their results in the upcoming first term exam. This project has also taught us that when we work together as a team, we can accomplish anything efficiently and effectively. To all the students facing their first term exams, we wish you good luck and all the best. ROAR!

Report by,
Leo Sheryn Chong.

Photos taken during the project,

A Leo watching another Leo fold a paper crane.
A Leo helping the probates fold paper cranes.
Leos and probates folding paper cranes.
Leos writing quotes onto the wings of the paper cranes.
A Leo giving a paper crane to students.
A Leo placing paper cranes on students' desks in a classroom.
A close-up of a paper crane.

Leolympics 2016 - Volleyball

     On the 27th of February 2016, 7 Leos had participated in the Leolympics 2016 for the sport of volleyball. It was highly-enjoyable as the Leos gave their all during the matches against skilled opponents. Despite not winning any placing in the event, it was a great experience and lessons were learnt as teamwork is a prominent feature in sports and in many other activities such as the Leo Club’s projects. Overall, the event was a success and we hope to improve on our game and return for another next year. ROAR!

Report by,
Leo Allysha.

Photos taken during the event,

The Leos after the game.

Clean-up Taman Jaya

     On the 29th of February 2016, the Leo Club of SMK Assunta and Leo Club of La Salle Petaling Jaya had jointly-organised the “Clean-Up Taman Jaya” project. The aim was to clean up Taman Jaya and have a fellowship session amongst the Leos and Othmar Fetz on his last day in Kuala Lumpur. 

     13 Leos and probates had gone around, picking rubbish in the park in efforts to make it cleaner. Afterwards, the Leos had played short games of “Captain Ball” and “Pass the Bomb”. Lunch was a picnic that was prepared by the Leos for everyone present beforehand. The Leos had actually baked chocolate chip cookies on the previous day, and they handed them out to the people in the park as a random act of kindness with short messages such as “Have a nice day!” and “Keep moving forward!” 

     After the distribution of cookies, the Leos carried on with various more games such as “Tom and Jerry” and “Never Had I Ever”.  The project was then concluded with a small souvenir session whereby we, the Leo Club of SMK Assunta, had given Othmar Fetz a small gift to express our sincerest thanks for visiting us. In return, he had given a badge that said “Leo Book” which we accepted with upmost gratitude. 

     Overall, the project was a successful one and everyone had a great time. Despite having simple projects in conjunction with Othmar’s visit, the projects went smoothly and we had learned that teamwork is important whenever we do something. To Othmar, we hope you have enjoyed your stay in Kuala Lumpur and have had a great time during our projects. We would like to sincerely thank you for visiting us and we hope that our paths will cross again in the future. Till then, stay healthy and have a safe flight. ROAR!

Report by,
Leo Abirami.

Photos taken during the project,

The Leos and probates picking up rubbish at Taman Jaya.
The Leos and probates having a picnic after the project.
The Leos during a team-building game.
The Leos of SMK Assunta and SMK La Salle PJ together with Othmar Fetz after the project.