Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Report on Teacher's Day Gifts 2011

On the 11th of May 2011, Leos gathered after school to help prepare gifts for the much-awaited Teacher’s Day celebration. The goal was to present the teachers with a token of appreciation for all their hard work and dedication to the students. Leos worked together in an assembly line manner and managed to produce 200 presents in less than an hour. The final product was a little bag with some candy and two pens inside with a note saying Happy Teacher’s Day tied to the bag.

Teacher’s Day was celebrated on the27th of May 2011. The incoming board of directors were up and early to place the teacher’s gifts on their tables before they arrived at school. The Leos were happy to hand out the presents to the teachers with a hug and lots of appreciation. Whereas the headmistress of SMK Assunta, Puan Rita Shantini was given a Famous Amos treat.

The teacher advisors of the Leo Club of SMK Assunta, Puan Betty and Puan Suguna were also gifted with Famous Amos treats because of the love, guidance and cheer they bring to the club. Seeing as there were extra gifts, the Leos did not forget to thank the office staff, the canteen operators and the caretakers of the school. It was the true Leo spirit to give unconditionally on this day.

We, the Leo Club of SMK Assunta would like to wish all the teachers Happy Teacher’s Day and thank you for all the love and knowledge you have blessed us with!

Report by,

Leo Kendra Hema

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